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Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

Older pets often show signs of arthritis aches and pains, you might see them taking longer to get up in the morning, being stiff and sore and walking more slowly. As we move into winter, we often see arthritis flare-ups and our pets can need more help.

You might notice your cat or dog’s joints don’t flex as far as they used to, they take smaller steps or have trouble getting up onto furniture or using stairs. Sometimes the joints might even be a bit swollen or thickened. Some pets will lick sore joints to try to get relief. You can find out more about the signs of long-term chronic pain like arthritis in our blog 8 SIGNS YOU PET MIGHT BE LIVING WITH CHRONIC PAIN

It’s always a good idea to visit your vet for a check-up if you suspect arthritis in your dog or cat, as sometimes there could be another issue at play. Also you can ask about medications that could help reduce arthritis discomfort for your pet.

As our pets are living longer we’re seeing a lot more signs arthritis in our dogs and cats


There is no cure for arthritis but there is a lot you can do in addition to medication to help reduce the pain of arthritis for your fur-friend. Acupuncture is one way to reduce pain, and it won’t interfere with any other medications or supplements your vet has recommended.

Here’s a few tips on other things you can try in addition to medication and acupuncture for arthritis:

  1. Gentle, regular exercise like swimming and gentle walks for dogs not only help strengthen the muscles that support the joints, they also provide important mental stimulation
  2. Keeping your cat and dog at a healthy weight puts less strain on the joints and reduces the inflammation of arthritis
  3. Provide ramps or steps to help your cat reach their favourite perching spot, or to help your dog get up onto the lounge or into the car
  4. Provide soft, warm bedding to support those weary bones
  5. Diet supplements can help, either added to your pet’s food, or formulated into some commercial pet foods. Speak to your vet for advice on these
  6. Rehab and physio can help keep the muscles strong and supple to support the joints

Take a look at the Beaches Pet Therapies Instagram and Facebook pages to see how some of our patients have responded to acupuncture.

If you’d like to talk about whether acupuncture can help your pet, don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat. 

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